Airline Cargo GSAYes we can yes we do

Our Mission

Make the airline feels , as if he working with his own staff and by his own tools

Our Target

  • Five full satisfactions to airliens which we do represent , to our direct customer and our freight fowarders colleagues who are using our services .
  • « Being Alaways Beyond Target »
This is why we have made the choice to work under the label of being ….. Your Cargo Solution Provider



International Network

  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
libyan airlines

Domestic Network

  • Tripoli (TIP)
  • Mitiga (MJI)
  • Musurata (MRA)
  • Benghazi (BEN)
  • Lobroq (LOB)
  • Tobroq (TOB)
  • Sebha (SEB)

International Network

  • Amman (AMN)
  • Dubai (DXB)
  • Istanbul (IST)
  • Jeddah (JED)
  • Kartoum (KRT)

Our services & day to day job

  • Sales , promotion of cargo on the networks of airlines which we represent
  • Cargo market control
  • Offer installation for airlines at 3minutes walking from airport cargo terminal
  • Graduated and high qualified staff , DGR Licence
  • Our staff have gov. Permission to be inside all cargo bounded zone at airports and under air crafts
  • Cargo Spot qualifications
  • Special know how for the treatment of sensitive shipments ( HUM , VAL , AVI , Perac )
  • Contribute to in bound sales via our own networks
  • Manage and control MWB stock handed over to the IATA cargo agents in accordance with the IATA and Air Lines rules
  • Yield Management , and cargo booking by doing our best to boost the airline’s sales
Charter cargo flights on request, short and medium range
  • Physical cargo control during acceptance by the ground handling agent TU and via Cargo Spot , and give by written priorities of cargo load to the load master and station manager daily and before each departure of flights
  • L’envoi par e-mail des prévisions des chargements avant chaque départ : Aux différents services du GHA , au chef d’escale en duty de la compagnie concernée .
  • Secure payment of freight revenues as per monthly sales report on due time
  • Customer Services assistance : Claims files treatment in case they raise out in accordnace with IATA Warsaw rules and regulations
  • We can also offer and provide assistance for the inbound cargo , control of the break down , issue the discrepancy flight report , and make the , necessary coordination between Inbound GHA agent , airlines and customs authorities
  • Assist the airline during the cargo campaign promotions
  • Assist the airlines to select Cargo GSA outside Tunisia
  • Work in perfect harmony with the airline in order to be always beyond target